Friday, 24 May 2013

A Whiter Shade Of Pale

Those who seek power over our communities 
Typically attempt to divide us along ethnic lines
And some young guns fall for it every single time,
And that’s why education should be free,
And that’s the reason that we tell each other stories, not his story
And why we’re loyal to friends and family, not land, or flag, or queen
But listen up: How deep is your love?  How big is your family?
Is the family big enough to include all of we?
If we expand our definition of community, maybe
Our communities won’t be so divided and weak, subject to repeated attack
From the usual suspects, with taxes and flags.
If we agree to share land, we won’t need a Defence League
They’re only an embarrassment to “their” apparently “beloved” country
Like The Daily Mail, they’re offended by broad social trends,
And the demographics of the East End.
But when you fight them in the streets you only
Validate their (ironic) fantasy of being an oppressed majority.
There are more fascists in Westminster than there are in Burnley –
I’m more concerned by the psychopaths in Parliament
Than the under-educated racist fools running around Barking.
Both have a history of unprovoked violence against people of different races
But we all know which are more dangerous….
The powerful that taught us to fear and hate other races
Now blithely dismiss racists as retarded,
And once again, violence is perpetrated
By those whose faces are a whiter shade of pale.

Racial categories were invented in the 16th century
To justify colonialism and slavery
And we all still deal with that legacy today
And say: “We can’t possibly be racist,
Look at the corridors of power and you see dark faces, in high places”
Which is some old bullshit: “I can’t be racist, I’ve got a black mate.”
It’s not guilt for guilt’s sake, for history I didn’t make
All the violence and subjugation that made Britain great
But my hometown was built on the slave trade – check the place names.
With the material advantages on this side of the world
It’s the mind state that’s ill, not the race that’s powerful,
It’s survival guilt that makes us mentally ill
Because we’re still less likely to be killed
By preventable disease, terrorism, or other government policies
Than our long-lost siblings overseas.
Borders don’t even keep money inside, because
Capital can travel wherever it likes,                         
It’s people that must go begging – or hide,                
To cross arbitrary, imaginary lines
Capital flight and economic depression
Create perfect conditions for the rise of fascism
But that game’s been played, forget nation states.
Global culture and markets have killed national pride,
Which, if you think about it, might just make us more civilised
Because we can expand our family to include everyone alive
See, we mostly just want to be family, son –
And it ain’t no fun if your homies can’t get none.

Clayton Blizzard

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  1. Cool stuff there. Like to hear it sung, rapped or whatever it is you young people do these days