Friday, 28 June 2013

If you knew I was watching you…

…would you do anything different?

Turns out the government’s been spying on us all along.
Who could possibly have predicted it?

Or, at least, anyone who has been paying attention. 
And/or has a healthy mistrust of the powerful.

So, Hello NSA, GCHQ, MI5/6, FBI, CIA, Bilderberg Group, Illuminati, Lizard People, Scientologists and everyone else who might read this.
I hope they are reading this, because very few others are.
(The appeal of this blog is highly selective. Given the “quality” of it, I’m surprised anyone is reading....why are you reading - and who are you?  I'm not spying, just interested.)

For someone who goes out into public and says: “Hey, everyone, look at me, listen to what I’ve got to say, haven’t I got a good singing voice?” on a regular basis, is it hypocritical to complain that people might watch what I’m doing?
No, it isn’t. Because it’s up to me what I put in the public domain and what I keep private.  And that choice is what has been so routinely, so egregiously violated, as revealed recently.

I wrote a song about it, which you can hear here.
(It was written years ago, but has become prescient again…not the first time this has happened.  It’s obviously not that I’m a seer or prophet, but that the same problems keep coming up again.  And again.  Only much, much worse than originally thought.)

Now I’m off to Pilton Pop Festival, or “Glastonbury”, as it’s euphemistically known.
Hopefully, some people will watch me playing music, and then stop watching me once I finish.  That’s the ideal state of affairs, in case you’re wondering.
So, anyway, if you see me on the telly, you’ll know I’m in the wrong place.


Clayton Blizzard

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