Thursday, 5 September 2013

Gratitude VII: Shambala

Thanks to everyone, punter, crew, performer or other, who has made Shambala an amazing festival to be at, to play at and be part of: this year was the eighth I have been to, and the seventh (in a row) performing.  Every year I go to other festivals and forget just how good this one is, and every year I arrive and remember quickly.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Rebel Soul gigs – Friday this year was amazing, a classic.  It was the sixth time I have played the same venue, and it just gets better every time.  We got an overwhelming amount of love directed at us, I didn’t know quite what to do with it….Sunday was a bit more chilled but just as good.

Thanks to the Rebel Soul crew – reduced in number, but not heart.  So glad you were back this year, it wasn’t the same without you last time.  Thanks for years of good times.
And I really hope to see you there next year. 

Thanks to GrayDog and Donnie B for Friday.

And Thanks to Fitz for invading the stage to ask everyone to huddle up for this:

Thanks to Toyface for inviting me to join them onstage at Wandering Word.

Thanks to Bombs for inviting me to join them at The Social Club on Saturday night – very glad to be part of it, the best gig I’ve seen them play.  Real happy for the lads, they’ve come a long way.

Thanks to Annabelle and all at The Social Club for the hospitality.
Tea and biscuits backstage: Thug Life, yo.

Thanks to Jimi Needles for inviting me up for his set at The Social Club on Saturday night, jammin, dancin and rhymin to old skool Hip Hop, Motown and plenty else besides.  It was terrific.

Thanks to everyone at the poetry slam at Chai Wallah’s on Sunday – Props to Laurie Stoker, the deserving winner. And Thanks to Tony for this:

Thanks to Paul for all the other photos.

Thanks to Alec, who told me that a friend of his “cried with happiness watching” me at Rebel Soul on Sunday night.  Thanks to the un-named friend, as well, of course.

Thanks to Captain Hotknives and Tourette’s Superhero for the best improvised gig ever.  “If you don’t sing along, it’s the moral equivalent of kicking a spastic in the face.” Genius.

Thanks to Martha Tilston for coming to my gig on Sunday (yes, I saw you) and for playing an excellent set later at Sankofa’s. 

Thanks to Roots Manuva, Beatbox Orchestra, Kid Carpet, Aspects, The Triangulators, Mr Woodnote & Little Rhys, Horace Andy, The Big Naturals, Regime, This Is The Kit, Dizraeli & The Small Gods, The Bees, Smerins Anti-Social Club, The Destroyers, David J, Anna Freeman, Liz Greenfield and all the other amazing performers I have seen at Shambala over the years.  

Thanks to everyone backstage at The Wandering Word, was a treat to hang around with youse.  So much talent in such a small space.  Special Thanks and Big Ups to Sally and Pete who run things.

Thanks to everyone who bought CDs – I sold out.  Look, Mum, I’m a sell-out…

Thanks to Ratface for Hip Hop Half Hour at The People’s Front Room.  Wicked cipher business.  We should do that again…

Thanks to the lads who had a scrap that I tried to break up.  I never found out if it was a play fight that got out of hand or a real aggro situation.  Considering it was at Shambala, probably the former.

Thanks to the man who did a talk on anarchism and taught me to play ukulele.

Thanks to all the people that noticed me as I caroused around the place hoping to be noticed.

Now I’m off to Bestival to end the season in style with the 1&ONLY PFR Crew (come find us if you’re there…) and then bring it all back home to Brisfest.  


Clayton Blizzard

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