Friday, 14 March 2014

Three (Mataphorical) Poems On Our Current Malaise

Communication In Unisex Toilets

The mouth goes flat;
Like a mirthless half-smile.
She thinks I am
An asshole.

I want to tell her, to explain
That the really inconsiderate thing to do
Would be to not raise 
The toilet seat in the first place

To say: I'm not perfect,
But I'm not an asshole...
Would she understand that?
Would she understand me then?

Let's talk to each other more, 
In toilets
It increases understanding.
Still, everything 
Is measured
By results.

The Best Trainers I Ever Had

Blue, with the insignia silver and green,
The logo of a famous shoe co.
(But one of the still-cool ones, not
Directly associated with sweat shops -
Although they may have been made in one,
I don't know.)
I was eighteen, and had never before,
And have never since, seen
A pair of trainers quite like these.
(So, I was only young, and I can't remember where they were made,
Let alone how that clothing company behaved.)
I left them at my friend Bob's house
After a night out.
And, to my righteously indignant astonishment,
Bob's mum - despite the fact that
There was nothing wrong with them,
(These cool trainers, possibly made by someone half my age,
Possibly for an impossibly-low wage,
with great silver soles that came up on to the heel)
Bob's mum threw them out.
And I was devastated.
And if that's not an apt metaphor for
Late capitalism and all our broken relationships,
Then I don't know what is.

Lions In Cages

Don't blame the lion
For being a lion.
Blame the person
That left the lion's cage open.
Or who puts a baby in the cage with the lion.

The lion will eat
Whenever it needs
And the baby cannot fend for him/herself.

The lion gets shot for eating someone
And is thereby offered in sacrifice
Because (apparently) gods of blame are stupid and afraid
But powerful - they must be appeased.

The lion and the baby are metaphors;
For the stock market and public services.
I should have said that before.
The gods are, oh, let's say....
The media.

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

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