Friday, 3 October 2014

Buck It (List)

A List For The Bucket (Before I Kick It)...
Never thought I’d make this list
Where there’s a trend, I tend
To buck it.
And I haven’t yet made a list of things
To do after I snuff it, but
For what its worth, here it is

(That was just the pre-amble,
Here comes The Real Thing):

So, this is my bucket list,
I think the idea is
I won’t mind dying, once I’ve ticked off everything
Just a heads-up warning at the beginning:
Some of these are esoteric, so
You might not get them.
But, really, who are you,
And why are you reading (this)?

1. Think of a thousand brilliant band names – TICK
2. Have full sex with a woman.
3. Ask out that girl I met at Amy’s wedding, and
4. If it goes well, ask her out again.
5. Play a gig at a big festival – solo or as frontman.
6. Join The Bears, they’re my favourite band.
7. Go to a Celtic match with my Dad.
8. Cry in public, but not over someone I can’t have.
9. Make a whole record of my very own songs, that I can be really proud of.
10. Seek forgiveness from a person I’ve hurt, And
11. Forgive whoever trespasses against me.
12. Play a show in New York City.
13. Smile at a stranger for no apparent reason.
14. Give up alcohol for at least six weeks
15. Start smoking weed regularly
16. Stop smoking weed regularly
17. Stop smoking weed completely
18. Get up in front of strangers to recite my poetry.
19. Write a eulogy for my friend Robbie.
20. Burn this list, and
21. Get on with this business of LIVING.

Making this list I realise I
Have done all of these things.
So, once again, the last thing on the bucket list is:
Throw the list into the bucket
(Or find a recycling bin)
And get on with this business of living.

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