Friday, 21 August 2015

The Glorious Revolution

Such cries are heard often in the early days….
Any revolution must be absolutely vigilant against insufficient ideological fervour; counter-revolutionary elements must be exposed and re-educated.
However, the shrieks of the apparatchiks charged with this most sacred, most vital of tasks cause some consternation among “moderate” elements…
(For myself, I must admit, it does set my teeth on edge – not that I lack the requisite political ardour; perish the thought.  I had hoped that in our revolutionary zeal to do away with the old ways, we might be less aggressive than our enemies.  I am, however, shrewd enough to keep these types of views to myself.  I am certain this ability has kept me alive in thus far, even in these heady days.)
“Moderate”, in fact, has become the most heinous thoughtcrime of which to be accused, along with “agnostic”.
The Party hierarchy have issued statements on the necessity of strong leadership, the importance of not allowing mob rule; of course, the Revolution used mob rule as and when it suited them, and many have pointed to the popularity of their policies when this applied (those which proved unpopular were, of course, “right”, “tough but necessary”).
The Party’s love for democracy could never be in doubt, however. 
Such is The Party’s love for democracy, they had killed a million people for it in the recent, hazy past.  One Leader wondered aloud about how many the “moderates” had been prepared to kill to set free.  Assuming it to be a rhetorical question, no one gave the obvious answer.
Such is The Party’s love for democracy, that they are willing to sacrifice even their own Leaders, should their revolutionary spirit prove inadequate.  Such love for democracy will not be dimmed by mere trifles such as elections.  Such revolutionary democratic desire cannot be conceded to “popularity” or “consensus”.
Ours is not such a flimsy, faux revolution; we have learned from the mistakes of the old regime.
Such is The Party’s commitment to democracy, terrorists and pseudo-revolutionaries will be rooted out, shut down, eliminated.  No arguments will be entertained on this. 
Such is The Party’s love for democracy, terrorists, pseudo-intellectuals, counter-revolutionaries will think The Party is vulnerable to attack from within and without.  As the situation demands, all those calling for “popular participation”, “openness”, “honesty” or other errant and dangerous deviations will be ruthlessly expunged from the ranks.  Heresy will not be tolerated in any way. 
Open Debate, however, is welcome; primarily as a means of outing those whose ideology proves incorrect.
The Party does not set the terms of debate; it simply does not need to.  The Leaders need only present policy, through surrogates, for all true revolutionaries to follow.  All those who do not follow reveal themselves to suspect at best, discredited or heretical at worst.
Such is The Party’s love for Democracy, The Leadership will be cosseted away, far from the clamouring crowds, to develop Policy. Leaders are not to be bothered by those who may wish to congratulate, to associate with Powerful individuals for their own gain.  Ours is not such a gauche revolution.  Such is The Party’s Democratic Idealism, Leaders will move in their own rarefied circles, where they will never ever have to meet a “normal person” that isn’t serving them drinks.
The Old Guard’s purge of ideology from the ranks has proved a failure!  The Ideology of No-Ideology was faulty, didn’t go far enough and attained no purity – only false unity, meaningless pronouncements and a decadent, remote leadership.  The Purgers have been purged! 
No longer will their No-Ideology be the Ideology of The Party.
The Politics of Failure has failed; The New Politics must reflect this.  The New Leadership have a Revolutionary No-Ideology, and all will quake before its mighty righteousness.
Such is The Party’s love of democracy that it will achieve the highest purpose: ORDER.
Vote, then, if you will, in an orderly fashion: The Perfection of Democracy is Order.

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