Friday, 11 December 2015

When My Bike Got Tooken

I got up on the morning and went outside to get my bike to go out but it wasn’t there and I didn’t know where it had went so I looked around but it was not there so I would have to get the bus.
And then I was looking around the back yard and my bike cover was still there but the bike was not so it must of been stolen and it is hard to get into the yard because there is fences everywhere
And no one could see it from the road only from the flats by our house and I thought maybe the noisy people from the flats next door had took it to go for a ride it is a nice bike I have had it a long time and I like it I go everywhere on my bike.  I was sad because it was gone.
The next morning I was looking out the window and I could see in to next doors yard and my bike was in there but that wasn’t right because it is my bike and I keep it in my yard because I am the only one that is allowed to ride it but I let my friends have a go if they want to but I didn’t say the noisy people next door could have a go and they should of asked first so that is not fair of them.
I was telling my big brother and he said that is not right that is bang out of order that means they are bad people next door and they stole it from you and that is not fair on you they are bad people.
And then he said I should tell the police or a grown up but the police need a worrent to search a property and that takes time and the bad people will just move the bike so the police cant get it back for me.
And then he said we shood get it back ourselfs and I said yes we should but we shoodent be angry with them because we don’t know who took it there are lots of people in the flats next door.
And then my brother said him and his big friends would get the bike back for me and I said thanks but please don’t beat anyone up because I don’t like people being beaten up it is not nice even though they took my bike which was not nice neither.  But I said I should go because it was my bike and my neighbours that stole it but I was out all day and couldn’t go so he said he would go and he would take his friends because it might get a bit tasty and he wold need some backup.
It was my fault that the bike wasn’t locked up but the only people who could see it were my neighbours and the osstralyian tv song says that you should be nice to your neighbours and I thought that my neighbours would be nice and not steal things.
My dad said that if I was the pry minster I would just burn there whole house down and say that it was there fault for stealing but I didn’t want to do that and he said I know I was only joking your not as bad as the pry minster and he is a asshole and he has an army.
My brother and his big friends went to the front door of the flats next door and rang the buzzer and a woman answered the dor to them. They are big men and very musseley but they are nice and don’t hurt people unless the people make them very angry but they don’t do that because they are nice they are my big brothers friends.
And the woman that was at the door of next door was saying to my brother that she doesnt know about the bike but he can take it and she let him in the dor and he was surprised because he thought the people would not let him in and would try to hide my bike.  But the woman said that lots and lots of people live in the building and some of them are not nice and I knew that because some of them are very loud and are shouting when it is late at night and everyone is in bed.
But the woman who answered the door was nice and it was not her who took the bike so some people next dor are bad people but some people are good and my brother said it goes to show that you can’t tar everyone with the same brush because humans are complex and have competing motivations and you cannot judge a person when you dont know them he is older than me and he is clever. And my mum said that you shoodent let it make you serspitious and I said I would try not to be.  And then she said I shoud say thankyou to them because it is important to say thankyou and I said I know I already did it.
So, bad people took my bike but my big brother and his friends got it back for me. 
By Clayton Blizzard age 35

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  1. I've got a lush bike. It's brite green with yellow tires. But it hasn't got yellow tires anymore. I bought it off a bigger boy off of craigslist with yellow tires and it was lush but the tires broke and then I went to the shop to get new tires but yellow tires were dear and black tires weren't so now it's just got black tires.

    But I can still get on it and go everywhere that isn't too far away so tonight I went to my friends apartment in Flatbush because she had a party and everyone there was very clever and I thought its better not to say anything so I just nodded and laughed when everyone else did.

    Then I was tired and it was hometime so I came down in the elevator which is also a lift but its really a descender or lowerer if you're going down but why doesn't anyone call it that?

    And I came outside and my bike was locked to the irn railings and I said yes my bike's still here and my friend said why wouldn't it be and I said because Flatbush and she said you shouldn't be prejadiss just because poor people live here doesn't mean they want your bike in fact poor people are more respectful and pay tax where as rich people don't pay tax and have accountants who hide there money on ilands in the caribeen and I just nodded and said yeah because rich people confuse me.