Friday, 28 October 2016


This is the 200th Sad Music Is Uplifting blog.

I haven’t kept up much of anything, ever, for 200 weeks in a row.  But I’ve managed this, somehow.  Thanks for reading, thanks for talking to me about it, thanks for telling me you read it (even though I know some of you must have been lying, since I know how many views the page gets each week. But maybe the stats are lying and you're not.  Maybe you are expressing an essential truth that mere cold numbers cannot; maybe you were just being encouraging. If so, thanks, it's appreciated).  I never thought it would last this long.

Here’s some interesting statistical information about this blog:

200 blogs, 200 consecutive weeks.

31,776 page views

1 follower

Most read post: Up The Massive Downs (Gert Attack Review), 9/9/2016

Least read post: Court Reports, 13/12/2013

158 Page views in Turkey

346 Page views in Slovakia

626 Page views in Germany


28 Poems

18 Lists of explicit gratitude

3 Conversations Overheard In Pubs

8 TV Reviews

23 Live Music Reviews

4 Album Reviews

1 Book review

1 Theatre review

2 Film reviews

7 Travel Diaries

5 Football-related posts

51 True Stories

15 Stories Based On True Stories

23 Rants about how everything is shit.

1000 Brilliant band names

[Number 32 on the bucket list: Write a weekly blog for 200 weeks]

Countless people to whom to be grateful.

1 grateful blogger.



Clayton Blizzard


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