Friday, 4 January 2013



So, the world didn’t end in December….was anyone a wee bit disappointed?
Yes, me too.

Still, my mate The Ruby Kid has included my album in his Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of 2012 on the Hip Hop website – storming in at #10. 
He even used the words ‘reify’ and ‘dialectical’.
As soon as I’ve checked my dictionary, I’ll know whether to thank him or shank him…[pause].
Thanks, R.Kid

You can see the whole thing here.
And also, check out the Kid himself and his excellent new EP here

So, here are my own lists of things from 2012…

Top 10 Song Names I’ll Probably Never Use

I Wish I Was A Spaceman, Man
Ten Brilliant Jokes About Death
This Is Not A Song
A Parade Of Blank Faces
Stop Being Clever
Let’s Go To Swindon
Knowing Machine
I’m Short But I’ve Got A Massive Ladder
A Game Of Twister On A Life Raft
Let’s Try To Speak To Aliens With Hip Hop

Top 10 Songs Titles I’ll Probably Use

A Parade Of Blank Faces
Barely Music
Some Scenes Have Been Created For Your Entertainment
We Only Know That There’s Going To  Be A Show
Every Time Someone Agrees With Me I Die Inside
I Never Expected To Live This Long
Life Is A Macabre Pantomime
I Should be Ashamed Of Myself (But I’m Not)
Everything Edible Is Not Food
Bog Standard Pub Gig Banter

Top 5 Graffiti Quips From Bristol Pub Toilets

Toy Story 2 was OK
Hi, Society
Regeneration is gentrification
Your mother is so overweight, it affects her self-esteem
Things are never so bad that they can’t get worse

Top 5 Railway Stations I Passed Through

Stansted Mountfitchet
Audley End
Great Chesterford
Whittlesford Parkway

Top 5 Festival Venues

The People’s Front Room
The People’s Front Room
The People’s Front Room
The People’s Front Room
The People’s Front Room

Top 5 Lists I Could Have Listed Here But Didn’t (Won’t?) (Am’n’t?)

Top 5 Bullshit Things About Me From Reviews
Top 5 Gigs I Played That Made Me Want To Cry
Top 5 Things I Whispered In To Your Ear
Top 100 Terrible Things About The World
Top 1000 Terrible Things About Will.I.Am

So, that was 2012.
Here’s to 2013.

Ta-ta for now.

Clayton Blizzard

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