Friday, 1 February 2013


I love doing this – playing live, that is.
And I love you for allowing me to.

And all you have to do is turn up.

You’re like the teenage girl, going to meet a boy from school.

I’m the teenage boy, who has watched you from across the classroom every day for two years, who thinks about you all the time, who only wants to say how much he loves you, but generally settles for a series of platitudes, and embarrassingly awkward small-talk.
Who writes endless poetry about you, filling notebook after notebook with hormonal longing.
And I finally got to talk to you.
And you agreed to go out with me.
I thought about every single word I would say, fantasised about taking you somewhere exciting, maybe expensive, maybe unexpected.

And all you had to do was turn up.

So, thanks for turning up.

I wrote a song about all this. 
It’s called You Make Me Sick.

You can hear it, here. 
If you like it, you can buy it – or even the whole album,
which is called Analogue Is Better Than Digital.  
(Ironically, it is not available on any analogue format.)

And/or you can turn up, tonight, or next week.  (Details)

Til next time, My Love.

Clayton Blizzard

“’Analogue Is Better Than Digital’? 
That’s a good name. 
It’s not true, of course, but it’s a good name.”

Mat Sampson, co-producer of Analogue Is Better Than Digital

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