Friday, 15 March 2013

Human Remains


According to Wikipedia,
The sole source of authoritative information,
Human cells replenish themselves
Every seven years.

But that’s not the full story:
Cells multiply, and divide, and die
At differing rates.
And some, for example,
Neurons in the cerebral cortex
Of the brain,
Are not replaced when they die.

In fact, it’s bollocks, right, ‘cos
Cells die and are replaced all the time,
Apparently, there’s nothing special
About a seven year cycle.
Even the first line of this is not true
It just occurred to me a funny thing to grab you with.

But, anyway, I am not the same,
I am not the same,
I am categorically not the same
As I was yesterday.

After the cells change,
Does the human remain?
After we are the roots of trees, once again
Will we grow up to make the same mistakes?

After cells have changed,
Does the human remain?

Clayton Blizzard

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