Friday, 3 May 2013

Beautiful Friend, The End

I’ve been writing a lot recently about the end of things: my musical partnership with Dr Spin, and the life of a friend, for example.

The superstitious say that these things come in threes.  I ignored that, because I’m not superstitious.  Then, last week, it was announced that The Croft is closing on the 12th of May.

I played there last night, and will be playing there on Sunday night (as part of the Roll Over Beethoven Bank Holiday Spectacular – details here) for the very last time.

This is (potentially, at least) bad news for Bristol bands and anyone that wants to see them in a decent venue.  There are other decent venues in Bristol, no doubt, but it may well be harder for local bands to find places to play and build their reputation from now on.
It will probably also be harder to put on touring bands not quite big enough to play the biggest venues in town. 

On a personal note, I’ve played there many times and appreciate the support I’ve got from the promoters and punters there in the last ten years, (my guess is 25-30 gigs – 5 in the last year or so, including last night). 

I’ve played there in bands, on my own, with Dr S, sober, drunk, hungover, tired, upbeat, overwhelmed and underwhelmed. 
I shared the stage with Themselves, Sole, The King Blues, The Skints, Sonic Boom Six and many others who have gone on to bigger (not necessarily better) things.

I’ve been raptly listened to, ignored, heckled, threatened, recoiled from, force-fed JaagerBombs at the bar, decked on the ice outside, interviewed, frowned at and laughed at.
I’ve had great nights I remember, and awful ones I had to be told about afterwards.
And mostly, I’ve had a ruddy great time.

Big Thanks to everyone who has made it the place it has been.
Stokes Croft, and Bristol in general, will not be the same without it.
Whoever takes over has a lot to live up to….

Hope to see you there on Sunday, raising a glass. 


Clayton Blizzard

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