Friday, 27 December 2013

2013 Blog Facts

So, it's been a whole year of weekly blogs.
In case you hadn't noticed.

This is the time of year when TV programmes review the year's events.  This seems premature, though, because the year isn't finished yet.  Anything could happen in the next four days.
So the year will be best reviewed when it's done. 
This is the last blog post of the year, however, so I can review the blog year. 
(NB: All stats/figures from and correct at time of writing)

Thanks to The Glorious New Regime for challenging me to write a new blog every week for the whole year: I WIN.

Thanks to the (surprisingly large number of) readers who read, and to the (four) commenters who commented.
Thanks to the one subscriber who subscribed.

The blog has been read by readers in the UK, Australia, France, China, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland,Tanzania and the USA. 
Hello to you all.

The blog has had a total of 6,465 views (most, but not all, this year).
I have no information on whether the people who viewed also read the blogs or whether they arrived at the page by mistake.

The most read blog posts were "The Chimp & Gibbon" (26/7) (also the most shared) and "Three Poems On The Sickness Of The Age" (31/10).

The least read were "Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream" (13/12) and "Court Reports" (20/12).

If the statistics are any kind of guide (and they are), it's obvious which were the best and worst posts.
Feel free to review them below, and decide if the reading public had it right....

Top 5 Responses To Blogs/The Blog in general:
"What's your blog about today, Darling?  Are you being grateful for clouds and fields and sausages?"
(Thanks Eeva)
The (detailed) Top 5 list sent by e-mail (Thanks Jez)
"Is it real...are you taking the piss?" (Thanks everyone)
"Ooh, you're's not as good as last week's, mind." (Thanks everyone)
"I remember that.  Am I in it?"  (Thanks Kev)

Top 5 Posts I Didn't Get Round To Writing:
Grammarfest 2014 (A fictional line-up of grammar-themed bands.  The best include: Someone & The Somethings, The Rules (Formerly known as The Exceptions), Past Participle and Bear Infinitive)
Thanks For The Help (A reply to an anonymous e-mailer who got in touch to offer me several hundred thousand pounds for nothing at all.  Naturally, I was touched but the strangers' generosity.)
"Robin's Not Thick (He's A Misogynist)" (A poem, which, on reflection, wasn't very good.)
Things I Have Missed About Working In An Office (Not a long enough list to justify a post)
Things I Haven't Missed About Working In An Office (Including: People saying "It doesn't feel like a Friday...", or "Is it Tuesday?  I keep thinking it's Wednesday"; drinking culture; and strip lighting.)

I suppose I'll have to keep on blogging to get round to the above, and see if anyone still reads this thing...*

See youse next week/year.

Thanks and Peace

Clayton Blizzard

*This is obviously a massive conceit, since as you can see from all the reader stats above, I know exactly how many readers have seen each post.  All I'm saying is, please read. 

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