Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year Address

In the hallowed traditions of The Glorious New Regime, we present here the New Year's Address to the citizens.
Unlike the various TV Channels/social media networking sites, we will be focussing not on the year past, but the year to come - respecting our traditions by looking forward, not backwards; upwards, not sidewards; vertical, not perpendicular; and ever sloping, stepping lively towards the dance floor.
This year's address was given by our Chief Scribe Chic P, presented for radio.  Here is the text in full:

People Of The Glorious New Regime:

Happy New Year.

Some of us, the more cynical - or realistic - will view the changing of the year from one number to the next as akin to the ticking over of a car mileometer from 2013 miles to 2014 miles of Judeo-Christian history (or mythology, if you prefer).

In the spirit of our ancestors, 
Looking at the world from our own wee patch of ground
The one they, and we,
Fought and strived for,
To claim and make our own,
That we might look at other patches with solidarity
(Friendship, not charity).
To look at the world with confidence,
To shake off shackles,
yet still remember
What is important about the past.
To look at the world, and say,
In a quiet, determined way:
Come Ahead.

The times in our lives of most unhappiness
Occur when we think mostly of our selves,
And are missing from the community.
This year we strive to think less of our selves,
While expanding our definition of self 
To include all else .
To make The Self a Community.
To make The Community a Family.

The times in life when I have been happiest
I have believed in myelf
And my abilities,
Thanks largely to the encouragement
Of those around me
(This is how Me becomes We)
Peace To The Glorious New Regime.
This year I will think more of myself.

We are interested in ideas, but
The Glorious New Regime is built on people, 
Not ideas.
(The idea of) a person falling over is funny,
But not as funny as Eeva Kateriina.
Solipsism is interesting,
But not as interesting as Hans Lucas.
Grace is moving, 
But not as moving as the voice and songs of Danny Star.
(The idea of) redemption is welcome,
But not like the annual return of Brother Blade
Imagination is fun
But not fun like Robbie, blowing his own horn.
Ideas are indeed important:
But they are only made real by Us.
A human being is a machine 
To make tangible meaning.
This year we will make meaning tangible.

And just to mention 2013, briefly:
We lost Robbie, but I'm not sorry - 
I'm glad he got to know me.
Yes, and I he
Of course.
Peace To The Family.

And we are facing forward,
So we need only keep going.
As we remember the words of our anthem:
"While I'm alive,
I'll feel alive."
Come ahead then, life.


The Glorious New Regime
Running The Game in 2014

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