Friday, 8 August 2014

Road Movie Montage Music

This song is written for the scene in a film
In which a small car is driving on an A road.
And I'm in the back, with my head on the window -
Eyes open, mouth closed.
And James is on the phone.
Then Adam tells a story that the audience don't hear
Because we're singing over it right now.

But everyone is laughing,
So you know they are good friends
And they had a really good time on set,
Because the cast had that chemistry
From the moment that they met.

And the score is written by me,
And the script is written down by me
Based on your (relatively) true stories
And the film is in my head.

Yes, the director wanted to get a song by The Flaming Lips,
Or maybe First Aid Kit,
But the clearance was too expensive,
So they said it's cheaper - and better -
If I write it myself.
So, the producer, asked:
Can you do it - write something melancholic?
And I said:
I don't do anything else,
I'm a melanchoholic,
And we all had a right good laugh about it.
But in this film, the protagonist is a solipsist,
Because if I'm not real, then no one is...
Alba's smiling, tired but driving
And needs some epic music
To keep us moving, and James sings
"Happy music is depressing..."

And we're thinking about Our Holmes, all the way home
He's in his head right now,
But he's not in there alone.
And if I made a sound, or a tone
For our late friend Robbie
It wouldn't be elegy, it would be cacophony
And the camera fixes on me as I think about
All the people I've known who are dead now
And I try to convey this wistfulness,
Using only the shape of my face
Because there's no dialogue,
When the music plays.
And the camera pans away,
As the montage fades into cliche...

So, I'm looking out the window, at the camera, feeling pensive
Thinking of songs to sing on road trips
And Pete hears all this, day-dreaming at the office
And sings it to himself in bed;
The film is in my head.
The film, and all the songs,
Are in my head.

And I didn't mention it yet -
But it is relevant to the story,
As you will know:
When you gonna come home, Harry Holmes?

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