Friday, 15 August 2014

E co nomix 101 Lih rix bi yoo choob

A while ago our comrade sent us this video of Dr Spin and I performing at The Folk House:

Youtube does a brilliant thing now where they transcribe videos.
Thankfully, our comrade also sent us the transcription for the above...

So, check out the video and then read the translation below.

I might just use these lyrics for the song in future - the whole thing reads like the lucid dreams of a raving madman speaking in tongues, in ancient languages, translated to modern English, with scant regard for grammar.
So, here it is: Economics 101 by Clayton Blizzard, as interpreted by youtube.


there's nothing wrong with the Internet, but it does get less special events I needed
anyway this is all about money goes exactly like this
their offseason promise
please feel free to use
right now

Lloyd - mister economists don't preach to me
about trickle-down theory into on a scene 
from the listening
so we believe that seem like he
can't imagine Asian homie
the National Lottery is at times humidity 
prosperity doesn't trickle down
to nothing trumps
the rise in O'Neill is the biggest samesiesshopping lately
still the press releases reminded me
one only the rest three.
tribune's colonial days
masters from Andre going to be our game
still works the same cashman's with the iron fists
around the mall knows -
1 down too much disobedience from anyone inside
set menu 21 yeah I know jacki 
I just wanted to do it time 
now the states and the same old government long time 
does with a losing ground to a little sign is that
samples who was women you
sunrise on that business in China
the death toll rises from the latest 
you don't you'll know about what is really important
just askin reply
think down is everyday brutality to get me

fringes in the nation to me
soon be time to make a change in him 
money don't exist
it just figures in Columns 
on the losing pitcher my
moments uncommon 
to be poor in rich countries
trillion dollar economy is you remove any markings
this message ok known as the law of supply and demand
because whenever there is probably the worst loss 
knowing when training is free
just cost their endeavors privilege in homie
existing because these me the 
someone else's nightmare raisin Peter good time
pretty angry the bad news is one of three
she long sweet dreams people already
little campus crime spree
thank you than you know to set me free
family history superstar singer's
doing all it means is a
ready suck a minute richer
understand economics award in the same 
not to miss him already
jim is no saint louis market contribution 
but they say don't understand economics
by understand this 
the free market is free to those who can afford its
very expensive to the news panels
every very every instance
you know me yeah I just put my money where my mouth is so
you wanna come and take you live in me
I really hope you got the money for a taxi
Homam do he called me like a Monday
maritime press not open to trying to one's mind like a Nazi
bottle on a Friday night anyone would like to join me
see you on college degree see me
any city in any way him a system of unionism in women
division Selena 52 economics for civilians as modern
doesn't mean common singers actors
and he lifted a basis for religion
property good news for the menu
local shoes
me week me money so we will end
the number in our region something not say fashionable
sixty stops alone
let me into overfishing
who is going to win a close
yes recent industries mins miss
economists don't preach to me 15-nation
believes separation of busy know that
you know what I his
first 103 which she when the same thing to do but
me monogram here it may give you more money and I'm sorry
sign in the Sun neoliberalism million
this far is blue ships nation
graduate miss you
name 51 more extension for a
we were from Nynex
like a millstone for International University
generation to make a free space million these bonuses
Franklin for you
who came just to prove you can be arranged
and yesterday cousin pays the piper cool shoes
who pays the piper cool shoes there's no
men's slaves in record in ruins has a nice the Pontifical
June her so everyone thinks I'm crazy
location time waste
three children realized she'd never
much money pile on the you want to thank you laurin
by some to be changed turnaround time
right like sums
rain changed trickle-down rises does some stuff yeah
be change to go down fries
does parched region go down to
rises up for me
you know yeah
join if you know it's yeah
nine each
any yeah
done any I
to that
nine th
that money
to that money share
do that
thank you the
practices for being here

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