Thursday, 4 September 2014

Three Examples of Positive Feedback

Hello There.
How are you? (I'm OK.)

In answer to your question, I:
a) am very pleased, and
b) think you're a bit soft for b), but not for a)

I hope this helps to settle your dispute, although a) perhaps you are both
right or b) you are both wrong or c) you are both both.
Usually this is a strangely unsatisfactory ending to an argument, but
it does allow for a sustainable, if uneasy peace, due to the lack of resolution.....
life is often like that, don't you find?

Thank you very much for listening and for telling me about it.
It is much appreciated because a) I don't really know how many people listen,
and b) I suspect the number is relatively small c) not everyone says so and
d) it is nice to hear, however much people who hear it all the time take it
for granted and e) it allows me to keep doing these things that I love.

Bless you and your opponent.


Clayton Blizzard


Hello There,

Thanks for your message,
I appreciate your perspective
And, if you've got a minute, I'd like
To give you some of mine.
I'm used to giving audiences a piece of my mind,
I'm used to getting mine, and getting criticised
I'm used to spitting rhymes and getting a hard time, like
"That was alright, except for all that rap shite"
(That last, at Cambridge Folk Festival on a Saturday night).
I'm used to hearing cheers and then listening
To the one voice that says "Nah, mate",
And tells me what I should be doing.

In my life, I don't judge myself by standards like:
That's fine, I've heard worse, it'll be alright on the night
I judge myself more by:
What is the best thing I can do this time? Like:
What's the funniest thing?
The most enlightening?
What's the most loving thing?
Or the the most helpful thing?
Or the most creative?
What will make our lives worth living?
What will cause others to feel good about this shit?
What will make myself and others smile,
Laugh, cry, and have a really good time?
Am I naive?
I fall short of these standards a lot of the time.

I got a band because I wanted to make people dance
And hang out with my friends and jam, and have a laugh.
People don't like change, do they?
Do you wish your favourite artists would just
Stay the same?
I don't know.
Either way, its just not possible, I'm afraid...

Thanks for coming to the show,
And thanks for the honesty,
I appreciate it all, and I understand I'm lucky -
That you, and
Some other people
Listen to me.

Thanks for listening and considering.
I'll probably keep on what I'm doing
And keep show improving.
Hope you're also loving doing your thing.


Hey mate,
Just a quick note to say:
Saw you play the other day,
And all my jealousy and resentment
Gradually melted away.
Do you get notes like this all the time?
I do, sometimes,
And it makes me smile,
And it blows my mind;
I try to respond in kind.

You're classy,
But I wasn't jealous because I think you're better
Cos I am myself
And no one is better that.
There are more people watching you be yourself
Than watch me - now I can see that
Was pure laughably petty jealousy -
Folly of the very stupidest, most destructive kind
So, thanks for explaining that to me
Without ever having to mention it.
I have always been blessed with good teachers.

Anyway, hit me back just to chat.
Truly yours, your biggest fan....
Nah, just playing.
Seriously though, I'm saying:
You were shit-hot at doin that thing
And I'm glad I was there to see it.

Love, or something,


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  1. Can't seem to post my comments. I wonder if I'm alone? Anyway if you read this I'm wrong and you can. Look forward to the next gig, love your blogs