Thursday, 28 August 2014

Shambling Gratitude

Thanks to The Boys from Marketing. Especially for getting up in time for the gig. (9pm) Seriously. Well played, Sirs.

Thanks to the Rebel Soul crowd for going along with the new Boys From Marketing concept/schtick. Thanks for giving it/us a chance...

Thanks to Bevan for coming along this year, for driving, for not drinking all the rum, for lessons learned and for That Thing.

Thanks to Matt and Hannah, friends at Shambles, and in The Real World. Always a pleasure.

Thanks to the man who messaged me to say the new set doesn’t work and the sound was terrible and I should maybe stick to solo/duo sets.

Thanks to Nubian Twist, Femi Kuti, the jazz band whose name I can't remember, and all the other great performers I've enjoyed at Shambles this year – and those over the years, too numerous to mention. Special Thanks this year to Dizraeli for melting away all my resentment and jealousy, with a superb performance. At just the right time. One time for my crooked mind. Well played, Sir.

Thanks to everyone who complimented my otufit on Saturday night. Yam vain.

Thanks to The Space Cadets for some hilarious human-studying opportunities, and some object lessons in the positive and negative effects of drugs.

Thanks to the performers, crew and audience at the Chai Wallah’s Poetry Slam. It was the first time I have read that poem in public, and it was emotional. Thanks especially to the woman who came to give me a hug and see if I was alright (I was).

Thanks to Tommy the compere for bigging me up – this year he said after the set: “The campaign to get him on the main stage next year starts here.” Boom.

Thanks to Annabelle and all the crew at The Social Club for being so welcoming to a Folk Rapper tagging along with his mates...

Thanks to Shambala for booking me for eight years in a row. Oh Yes. Particular and Special Thanks to Nathan & Cath and Rick and Jack and all the crew (new & old) of Rebel Soul.

Thanks to Jez for playing before us, being as entertaining as ever, and for dealing with the sound/power problems with good humour and grace.

Thanks for eight years of good times, tight rhymes, big smiles, top entertainment, life lessons, inspiration, hugs, encouragement and support.

And next week, it's off to Bestival to finish the season in style with the one/only People's Front Room.
Summer, summer, summer tiiiime.
I am thankful for all this and more.



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