Friday, 28 November 2014

A Thousand Brilliant Band Names (Part One)

A Thousand Brilliant Band Names
Football Club FC
Bunion Country
Mudguard Kipling
The B Team
Someone & The Somethings
The Tenses
The Definite Article (formerly The Indefinite Articles)
Boldly To Go
The Split Infinitives
Past Participle
Joey Gorbals & The Grammar Nazis
MGM (Militant Grammarians of Massachussetts)
The Exceptions (formerly known as The Rules)
Present Perfect
PPC (Present Perfect Continuous - NB: NOT affiliated with Present Perfect)
Either Is Acceptable
Neither Is Acceptable
The Verbs
The Nouns
The Metaphors
Literally Random
Dr. Ant Chovi's Melons for Ecstacy
Office Suite
Vapid Rihanna
Flim Flam Artists
Cymbal As That
Four Kevins
We Are But Humble Functionaries
Slim Pervious
2nd Yellow
Straight Red
Delicate Spin Cycle
God's Experiment
Wet Blanket
Izzy Funk
Brad Vantageous
Casual Lacists
Alan Sundry
Dwight's Supreme Assist
Clickable Lynx
According to Who(m)?
Bob Noxious
Tim Basile
Low Def
Stray Muppet
Feral Muppet
Muppet Soup
Non Recording Artists
Pat As Postman
Portion Control
Lickie Chew
Four Fiddy
Angry Bird
Dean Gaff Knee & Well Arrrd
Actually, No
Fraxional Reaxion
TechnO'Brien & Billy O'Beece
Old Man Slax
The Crispy Quintet
Same Same
3 Neds, 2 Chavs & A Hoolie
Clown School
Disco n Dance
Twice Again
Botma DaBill
Teach & Tong
Anton Deck
A Parade Of Blank Faces
The Edge Of Compliance
The Dysphasic Singers
King Heredity
Expect Oration
Planum Temporale
The Evil Of Banality
And The Flag Will Look Like This
Crushed Fruit
Mashed Banana
Serrated Edge
The Caged Lions
Tourist Season
Au Contraire, Mon Frere
The Professional Cynics
The Anarcho-Christians
The Light Entertainments
Scratchy Jumpers
Itchy Jumpers
Hairy Jumpers
The Cable Knits
The Instruments You’ve Never Heard Of
The Smug & The Unknowing
Smuggy McGhee & The Instruments
The Other Other Time
The Know-It-Alls
Liszt & The Buck Its
The Pop Psychologists
Goodbye & The Good Lucks
FWP (First World Problems)
MOBOT (Music Of Black Origin Thieves)
Sean Fein
Shin Feign
Rotherham Plastics
Nothing Is Sacred
Everything Is Sacred
Blonde Nightmare
MGT (Machine Gun Titties)
Slightly Illegal
Cradle of MILF
Technical Death
The High Court Judges
Braggy McGhee & The Fingers
Fingers McGhee & The Braggers
MDF (Medium Destiny Fibreboard)
Stereo Pricks
Deferred Dreams
The Highly Likelies
The Unlikeables
Demand The Improbable
Shitty Tribute Band
Offline Error
Rick O’Shea & The Offsides
The Onsides
Off The Bar
Stuck In The Stauntion
Poor, Sweet Tom
Danny Wilson’s Older Brother Des
The Failed Archaelogists
Preposterous Hypothesis
Sex People
Blade O’Payne & The Pains
Ryan Orion
Ryan O’Ryan’s Orion Project
BA Maracas
Grey Rhymes
The Near Rhymes
The Half Rhymes
The Slant Rhymes
The Crap Rhymes
Can’t Rhyme, Won’t Rhyme
The Tobacconists
Union A
I’m Not Here
This Isn’t Happening
The Posh Twats
Good People Don’t Go To Heaven
Brown Velour Tracksuit
Fred Wedge
Red Hedge
The Hagiographers
The Snide Middle Class
The Working Class Warriors
The Infant Class Warriors
The Lost Minds
The Vacillators
The Facilitators
You Are Aliens
We’re Not Aliens
Non-Uniform Day
Light Entertainers
Awkward Dance Moves
The Charity Commission
Shit Love Songs
Bucket Liszt
Bucket Lust
Repetitive Dance Music
Barely Music
The Radio Ones
2 Broadcast Awards
The Radio Three
Radial 4
Low 5
The Difficult Second Albums
The Overrated
Damascus (Beirut tribute act)
Partisan Soy Hostel (Neutral Milk Hotel tribute)
Inconsistent Horse
Crafty Snail
The Gerbils
Adamant Ian & The Adamantiums
Ganache Mode
Ganesh Mode
Gash Mode
Giant Sloth
Red Panda
Trapped Foxes
Rave Of Mutilation
Wave Of Expectation
The Disorganised Right
Strong Look
Everything Reduced
Snow Machine
Guess How Many Snakes There Are
Nicolas Anelka’s Upside-Down Head
Ron Atkinson & The Racist Uncles
The Faux Pa’s
There’s Always A Loser
Milk Monitors
OMC (Orchestral Manouvres in the Carpark)
Kestrel Larger
Heavy Mental
A Hand To Lift You Up To The Sky
Predominantly Female Fanbase
Predominantly Male Fanbase
Predominantly Teenage Fanbase
Nonce Sense
Club Mix
Deathly Disco Mix
Radio Edit
12 Inch Version
Di Tryin & The Get Richards
Ultra Unorthodox
The Peasants
Think Of Another
Terrible Band Name
This Is All Bollocks And We Can Do Much Better
Hard Sudoku
Puzzled Expression
Going Through Motion
Only Need Another Twelve
Not Including This One
Busy Week
Minimal Effort
Trouser Catastrophe
What Time Are They On?
Worst Yet
Unsustainable Premise
That's Plenty
Sorry, Everyone
Last Name Out Of The Hat

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