Thursday, 30 June 2011

The GNR at Pilton 2011

Back To The “Real World”

Glastonbury 2011 was a triumph for The Glorious New Regime.

Two hundred thousand people, is it?  It seemed like two hundred million.

While others complained about the weather, the line-up or the one-way system, 
we danced in the rain and wrote poems on the back of our soggy tickets.
While others waded through the mud and breaking light looking for a party, 
we made our own in The People’s Front Room.  

Blizzard’s guitar got covered in mud and blood.
Quoth The Blizzard:  “It’s not mine, mind.”

Blizz speculated (after a show-of-hands poll at The PFR) that he may have been the only person at the festival who watched both The Wu-Tang Clan and Morrissey on the Pyramid Stage on Friday.  With Paul Simon playing in the blazing sunshine on Sunday, it was three of Blizzard’s heroes for the price of one.  That’s VFM.

The Saturday night performance was the best Blizzard gig for a long time.
Our Kid was in the zone, he seemed to have all the time in the world to fit all those words in, and people responded so warmly.
The Sunday night jam was an absolute classic, with Blizzard on the mic, PFR newbie Mark on the keys and the inimitable Robbie Fraser doing what he does best (blowing his own horn).

And, in a real treat for Blizzard, the lucky wee swine was given the opportunity to record at Glasto, in the purpose-built studio at the Greenpeace stage.
Quoth CLB:  “It seems to be made out of straw and goodwill.” 
So, once we’d dragged him away from the superb Janelle Monae, he bashed out a take of an old classic.  
It will be available here soon….

Massive Thanks to The PFR for putting us up and putting up with us, and looking after us,
and getting down with us:  We party ‘til the mothafriggin’ break of daaaawwwwn, y’all.

Shout Outs to all who played/crewed: Brian, Sarah, Andy, Gillie, Jez, Jason, Leo, Billy, Dre, Mark, Robbie and Becky – and anyone we forget, apologies to them.
Also, Massive 5’s (Look At The Elbow) to the youth branch of the PFR cipher.
(You are also The GNR.  Oh yes, you Are.)

And Thanks to those who turned up.  It’s a big festival, youse could have been anywhere, but you were there with us, and we appreciate it.  Yes, even if you stumbled upon us unintentionally. 

We’ll be with The PFR at Secret Garden Party – add yourself to the mailing list (on the ‘Reach’ tab) if you’re going and would like to be kept informed of Blizzard’s set times.


Chic P (Chief Scribe)

On behalf of The Glorious New Regime

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